Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mr. Underground Goes to DC...again.

What would a normal sane person do the day after an election?   Be thankful and get back to work right?    Probably... but that's just not how the TU rolls.  We decided to head into the heart of the action...downtown Washington DC.    We volunteered to chaperone a government field trip to the nation's capital(also went to Capitol)

The day started off about 4:30AM rather iffy when I forgot to wear a belt.   It ended when our bus collided at highway speed with a bench.  Yes you read that right, a bench that must have fallen from another vehicle and sat square in the middle of US 29S.   Some quick moves by our driver who went by the name "DC" (not a joke) helped us avoid disaster.   Minor damage and all were safely returned home in one pice, barely.   I returned home with some welcomed souvenirs and of course, space ice cream.  Other than complaining about the low temps and some straggling the group of 200+ AHS students behaved in an exemplary manner.  More on this tomorrow.  

The best way to bring you the action, or lack of action , from DC on the day after the election is with photos.  Enjoy.

Sweater vests are always a good call.

 Recognize this?  
1st correct answer in comments section wins a free TU T-shirt(if they ever get made)

 Student: "Why do they have a guy with a bowling ball in here?  TU:  "Ooof.?"

 It truly is an awe inspiring building in so many ways.  We are lucky to live so close.

 "Wait what?  A coffin in a pickup bed?  No students...that is completely normal"

 Only memorial believe it or not I've never visited.  I get a lot of TJ in town.

So many quotes to like but this one stuck today.  From FDR to Congress in 1935

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  1. Now that is a pair of shiny domes-in reference to first image.