Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lessons from the 2012 Election Part Deux

Six billion dollars total in all campaigns and it is over.  The Electoral College functioned as it was  intended.  Proof past leaders deserve continued credit for the benefits we continue to enjoy.   President Obama won and Romney conceded in a graceful and respectful manner.  We can finally move forward. As predicted the schools will all be open tomorrow and the mail will be delivered.  The TU  will actually be in the Washington DC chaperoning a student field trip.   That ought to be fun.  Maybe we'll get the chance to photo bomb a network anchor? 

A lot of the pundits and analysts on TV have said it will basically be the status quo.  Einstein said Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Maybe that will sink in and we will get better results.  Time will tell.    Obama wins, the Senate leans left and the House right so there is still a great deal of uncertainty.  It is likely nothing good will happen without both sides working together.   Hopefully the gravity of the issues that confront us all will motivate everyone to learn some things.  They need to learn that compromise is OK.    They need to do what they are paid to do.  They need to lead.

A few other lessons. 
After hearing time and time again that we need our best and brightest as teachers I couldn't help but think the same is true of our policy makers.  But I am not certain the smartest or best are heading to Dc or the statehouse any longer.  Same could be said of teaching I suppose.  Just sayin'

It's Commercial. 
Anyone else in a battleground state ready to see some normal "ads"?  The only commercials I recall for the past 4 months other than political commercials are ones from     Exxonmobil's help with math and science is great and their "invest in teachers" approach sounds great.  But does the world's largest publicly traded company really know that much about the average school?  I mean I like their commercials...I think?  I suppose I have grown distrustful in my approach to education and ask now ...what's the catch?  I do like that slogan though.  I plan on saying it as often as I can over the next few weeks.  Imagine what the money spent on commercials do for kids?  The Homeless. Veterans.  Our infrastructure.  Maybe our political leaders should ponder that of as well.

Technology Helps?
Seeing all the network folks using those fancy touch screen devices as they flip and zoom through analysis of different races almost made my brain explode. Are there parallels in the classroom?  You bet.  A smartboard doesn't make students learn better. 

Enjoy getting back to normalcy or hopefully something better!

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