Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Advice for Teachers

Take  a vacation- Actually go somewhere for a few days.  If you are like many teachers with kids and cannot afford to go to the beach for a week find a friend or relative to share with.  If that's not good then just go stay at an old friends house with your family.  And if that's no good then, well you probably shouldn't be a teacher since you have no friends. 

Lay low- People do not like the fact teachers have "time off'" so don't flaunt it too much.  But relish the days.

Read-You have to read.  Not just because of the benefits but just as a matter of principle.  Pick a few things you want and maybe a few that will help you do your job more effectively. either related to your content or how to teach.  Jut think you can actually start and finish a book without being interrupted.

Take a trip- Go somewhere you haven't been.  Hopefully somewhere local that you always drive past but never actually visit.  This is not the vacation, usually just a day trip but you will feel much more productive afterwords. 

Stay Connected- Find some way to connect to fellow staffers are up to and make time to visit and mingle with them. 

Don't sleep in too much- That will actually shorten the days and make them go by faster.  But it should be noted that the first week should be spent doing pretty much nothing.

Prepare-As soon as you find out what you'll be teaching start getting ready.  Granted for some of you this might not happen until the week before school. 

Improve- Target one major way to improve your classroom or teaching that you will use this upcoming year.  Start envisioning ways to make that a success. If nothing else refer to our technology post from awhile back.

Turn off and disconnect-I lament the time I see kids brains wasting away in front of the TV or computer screen unable to unplug, so be sure you don't fall victim to the same syndrome of constant  connectivity.  Better yet get outside, especially somewhere near water.  If not the ocean than some other large body of water.  The ions in the air recharge the soul....or it is just cool to be near water, either one. 

Be a "weenie"- That is to say ween yourself off of school slowly by being sure you leave things at school well, and ween yourself back into school mode slowly.  As sad as it is to think about, summer does not last forever. 

Smile- It is summer after all.

I do love this movie

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