Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012- The Reinstatement

      The TU went on down to the UVa lawn today to watch things play out between the Board of Visitors, Teresa Sullivan and just about anybody else who has an opinion.  When asked by a former student why we were there we didn't have a quality response.  I went with "stickin it to the man" while Steve had something about the "power of people and decisions in a vacuum."  While most of the happenings seemed scripted it was neat to watch things unfold and they did so in a remarkably rapid manner.

      After what can only be described as a seriously ill conceived maneuver, Teresa Sullivan was reinstated by a unanimous vote.  But not before just about everyone said they were sorry for something.  No doubt most of the moves took place behind closed doors well in advance of today but that should not lessen the significance of what transpired.  Sullivan will still face the sane daunting challenges we have all been made aware of but she will do so with a mandate of support from the community and likely a renewed faith in the University's ideals. We will share more on today's outcome and the events as a whole but for now we will let the pictures tell the story.  If you wish to add your own caption, funny or otherwise, feel free to do so. 

Almost there...

The whole world is watching...maybe not.

Nobody frames a protest sign like the TU.

Shade was key during the actual meeting.

When word spread of a decision people scrambled for a good spot.
The TU had cameras everywhere, even far away.
Can you find Waldo? How about Turner's hair?
Can we get a guest post?  And why is the girl behind the notepad staring at us?

 I thought Turner's speech one-upped Sullivan. 

I know how to work my camera...unlike Steve


  1. For the last pic I'd say something about shorts being very liberating.

  2. The girl with the notepad was staring at you because your fly was down. Unfortunately, your shorts were on your head!

  3. I did feel somewhat underdressed. But it is summer.