Wednesday, March 30, 2011

5 Things to Make You "Smarterer" Than Us

It is hard to believe that what this post's title suggests is even possible, but just a short time ago the Underground had only a limited knowledge of what was happening everywhere across this great country. Then we started a blog. Look at us now. Frightening huh?

In an effort to foster similar growth among our "audience"(both of you) we'd like to recommend a few things worth reading(Thank you Al Gore for inventing the Internet). We will periodically begin sharing links to readings and subjects we feel would be informative or interesting.(everything our own posts are not) Enjoy!

The Answer Sheet- Valerie Strauss is my idol. It won't take long when you read her stuff to realize why.

This article from Dissent Magazine (which is pretty far left)summarizes concerns with those driving reform agendas. Whether it is Michelle Rhee, CNN's Education contributor Steve Perry, NBCs Education Nation, or a simple state mandate beware what lies behind the curtain.

"Tested"-An article that addresses some the issues with over-reliance on standardized testing .

Are Schools Necessary?-Yikes! We obviously feel they are but it helps to listen to those with different viewpoints from your own.

Harlem Children's Zone-The well documented effort in NYC and some less well known insights exploring the efforts of Geoffrey Canada(that deserve to be applauded but maybe not copied eveywhere).

These are just a start. Feel free to share others in the comments section.

In the NBC television series "Cheers", the bar was located underground...coincidence?

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