Monday, August 12, 2013

Teaching Underground's 2012-2013 Report Card

Much has been made of the activities of the NSA and their monitoring of cell phones. No doubt it is better not to know some things but the Constitution still means something around here. At least it is supposed to.  The events of the past decade have changed our standing in the world community, our military strategy and our views on domestic security as well.  We'll spare the you the 1984 references and simply say 3 things.  Torture should be illegal.  The U.S. is the good guy. 
Grade= (They know their grade already)

Pearson Education
Well your stock prices went up but we still disapprove of you.  You control the SOL tests, the question approval process, our grading software, curriculum , remediation programs and just about all aspects of the online process.  But you don't own us. 
Grade= F

Education Leaders
Just because.  
Grade= F

New England Patriots
How do you keep a guy like Hernandez and trade Wes Welker? That turned out well.
Grade= F

Teachers of America
Do more, and be more aware and informed of the changes that are affecting our profession.  
Grade= B+

A-Rod and Ryan Braun
"On my honor I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment"
Your word is your bond fellas.  Barry, Lance, and how many more athletes seem to put results in front of integrity.  Sad they get so much time on ESPN
Grade= F

Chris Dumler
Not sure everyone knows the whole story of the County Supervisor or if they or we even want to.  But dude was an elected official.  Apparently that means nothing to some self-centered hacks that are too often filling elected Offices.
Grade= FBut no opportunity to retake the class.

Anthony Weiner
Sticking with the crappy politicians theme, this guy is a bum. This former teacher says something.  Too bad Weiner can't listen.  Bum.
Grade= F and he is expelled

The New County TPA
In addition to having new cover sheets and thousands of other things designed to effectively measure teacher quality, they have a way of making the end of the year oh so pleasant.   Step in the right direction?  Time will tell.  As teachers we now have a number assigned to us.  A metric of performance, maybe they can give us an A-F grade.
Grade= 3 Applies (I think that equals a C)

The Mayans
Turns out they were wrong. Or maybe we were measuring the wrong thing.
Grade= F

Miss Utah
 Look Lady  know you are attractive but let's not pin everyone woe on Education.  

2013-2014 School Year

Welcome back to school. The best thing about August is that everything starts over again. Clean slate. We're excited to see all of our new student faces and look forward to a great year of teaching and another frustrating year of edu-policy.
Grade (in progress)= A+

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