Friday, August 24, 2012

A Message to Students Returning to School

I found this video yesterday, and I'm not sure who made it, but it is a funny and inspiring message for students as they return to school.

Some highlights:
"If you look at human history from like the time of the agricultural revolution, the period of time featuring compulsory public education looks like this...(250 years very short)"

"You'll also notice this 250 year period has been a pretty good one for humans, featuring Steam Engines, the internet, antibiotics, skyscrapers... and landing a freaking mini-Cooper on Mars!  This is not a coincidence."

 "Physical Education is NOT an oxymoron because your body was not born knowing how to do this...(picture of Olympic gymnast in action)

"The whole pleasure of being human is being STUPID, but learning to be less STUPID together."

"Public Education isn't a charity project, I pay for your school because I want you to grow up and make my life better."

"You've been chosen for a mission that's been denied to 99.9% of all humans ever."

It's four minutes long, but worth the time.  And if you missed yesterday's post, we're still hoping to hear more first day stories from you.

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