Friday, December 2, 2011

NCSS National Conference Day 1

So as you may know we are attending the NCSS conference in DC.  Given we are pretty worn out we will simply provide a summary of the days events.  In no particular order here are some highlights and some of what we learned...

-TU appreciates having a point person to get us registered(Thanks Jen)
-Don't wear any attire with your school logo when traversing the vendor's like wearing a bullseye.  "Hey ...AHS....Right"  Quickly annoying and makes avoiding eye contact nearly impossible.
-There is no clear delineation between the NCSS and the Washington Craft Show. Be careful out there.
-We sadly missed the "Using Yoga to Teach History" session.  Probably for the best.
-There are lots of great ideas among the sessions. 
-Some people don't turn their ringer off during names mentioned but they know who they are.
-Diane Ravitch is the man.  I mean ...well her talk was spot on.  More on this in the future.
-Geoffrey Canada was quite inspiring.  He's practical, understands his community well and is willing to do what it takes to help kids in a sensible way.  Whether the establishment is on board or not.
-Kareem Abdul Jabaar is not only a great basketball player but also funny, knowledgeable and creative.
What we saw of his film On the Shoulders of Giants was memorable. 
-Pierre L'Enfant was a genius.  A maniacal genius. 

So that's about all we can muster but we'll leave you with this lasting image.
A meeting of the minds

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