Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week One in Review

Three down, one hundred seventy-seven to go.  But who's counting?

Here's what I will remember from the first week of 2011-2012:

1) Mold-  We've had several visits from the folks at building services this week.  After Mr. Lindsay reported mold growing on his desks and I found a little on mine they've been keeping tabs on our climate.  I don't know what it means, but sixty percent humidity and seventy-nine degrees doesn't sound like the ideal for a classroom.  Perhaps we could invite our science classes down for a little hands-on learning.

2) Administrators-  They started Monday morning by cutting our "nuts-and-bolts" sessions from forty-five minutes to one-half hour each.  Thanks, it made for a nice start to the week and a little extra time in the class.  I guess I don't need to forward "What Teachers Want From Administrators" to any of our principals.

3) Earthquake- I'm glad we didn't have students yet.  The earthquake was a reminder of how fragile our world can be.  Our principals had to admit to students and staff today that we really don't know exactly what to do with an earthquake.  There isn't a policy, procedure or drill.  Sometimes life just doesn't work with a manual and hopefully the halls of education are a place where we can learn how to function in an ever changing world.

4) Wednesday- Some people find it silly to start school in the middle of the week.  After feeling the exhaustion of the first day of school, the three-day week to start sounds like the best idea ever to me.  I forget every summer how tiring teaching can be, and a short week to ease back in is just perfect.

5) Students- That's why we do this.  The fresh new faces that greet us each fall.  Full of potential and eager to know what your class is going to be like.  Whatever problems and stresses the profession of teaching brings, from bell to bell is what we live for.  We ended week one at the football game tonight.  We've spent three days with these kids, they've learned what to expect from us.  Tonight we were able to say hello, and watch them interact in a setting more natural than a (moldy) classroom.  On Monday, we'll ask them about their weekends.  They'll tell us about their lives.  And together we'll experience all the ups-and-downs that the next one hundred and seventy-seven days will bring our way.

But who's counting, we'll look back on it in June and wonder how the year flew by quickly.


  1. I envy you a three day week to start. In Florida, we always start on Monday, after a pre-school week of days on ends of meetings and trainings, and then open house for 5 hours on Saturday. It is not the ideal way to do things, needless to say!

  2. FYI- Sadly WAHS beat us 22-21 in OT but it was a great game to watch. Almost as exciting as the fact that four members of the basement staff were recognized for their achievements in mathematics. I was disappointed I didn't get the perfect SAT score but oh well...Ray is equally deserving. Just another feather in our caps :)

  3. By the way we are only about 50 hits short of breaking our monthly traffic record...who's it gonna be? Who would have thought we'd top 6,000,000 hits in one month?

  4. Mold can be awful. My students got really sick one year and eventually men in HASMAT suits came in to tear out walls. Fight like hell if you have to. Kids deserve a safe space.

  5. Count my hit in, but then who is counting!!! Good post--miss you guys, mold and all! I can't be anonymous if I sign me name, but it's Mary I.

  6. So far this week has brought an earthquake and a hurricane to Virginia, a posse of men in the HASMAT suits might just be the trifecta we need.

    And Helen, a five-hour open-house, wow. Our leadership has done a good job increasing our time in the classroom before school starts in the last several years and it makes a huge difference.