Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Little Appreciation and Dave Eggers on Education

We continue to appreciate the support that everyone has given to us at the Teaching Underground.  I really only expected a handful of readers, stumbling on our page from time to time through a google search, but over the last six months or so I've been pleasantly surprised by how many people either follow or subscribe to Teaching Underground, and the number of people who read what we have to say.

We appreciate all of our followers, whether in Arizona, Michigan, or Florida, but we especially appreciate our colleagues who take the time to read our posts and comment face-to-face.  One such colleague (we're not sure if he wants his name used or not, but if you're local, there aren't but so many bike-riding, tie-wearing, Latin teachers in the county) recently shared an article from the New York Times that we liked so much we wanted to share it here.  I've included an excerpt below, click the title to read the entire article.

When we don’t get the results we want in our military endeavors, we don’t blame the soldiers.  And yet in education we do just that.  We have a rare chance now, with many teachers near retirement, to prove we’re serious about education. The first step is to make the teaching profession more attractive to college graduates. This will take some doing.

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