Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stuff Teachers Like #3- Two-Hour Delays

This week is “Stuff Teacher’s Like” week on Teaching Underground.  We know the idea is “borrowed” from several other sites that have perfected the “Stuff____Like” model, but we haven’t seen anything out there from teachers.  So, in no particular order, here it is.

This one may draw the ire of parents who are left to scramble for childcare or transportation for those unexpected school delays, so I’m sorry and I feel your pain, but…

…in my mind, nothing beats a two-hour delay.  For one, if you get the call early enough you can manage a full two extra hours of sleep.  You still see your students, so while you can’t get through everything you planned, you don’t completely lose the schedule of your pacing.  Sometimes, if you need the extra time, the extra two hours becomes a “mini-teacher-workday” if the roads aren’t too treacherous to travel by car.

So just what makes the two-hour delay superior to the all out Snow Day?  No make up days.  The shortened day counts as a full day of school.

Any other parents or educators care to weigh in on the subject?  I’m open to debate the merits of my choice.

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