Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday To Us!

On October 1, 2010 we set out to create a blog dedicated to raising awareness of the issues faced by teachers in the 21st century public school system.  It all started with a reaction to the film "Waiting for Superman" and the immediate negative public attention it drew to teachers and the public school system.  Over this past year, we've commented on numerous world and national issues that relate to education and tried to offer a bit of encouragement and humor through the Teaching Underground.

We watched our stats excitedly the first month and sought input from friends and colleagues about the blog.  When our hit counter reached two hundred the first month, we thought we were on to something.  Then we stopped counting our own hits and realized we weren't.  That was a joke, but now after a year, and over 10,000 page views we know that even if only a handful of people appreciate what we have to offer it is worth the effort.

Maybe it shows in our posts.  We love teaching, and we love doing it in our little basement at Albemarle High School.  We don't have windows and the humidity is killer, but standing in the midst of hundreds of teenagers every week is a life-giving profession.  We hate the politics, local or national, that get in the way or make our job harder, but whether it is technology, teaching strategies, or assessment tools that make sense and help students learn, we seek it out and welcome the opportunity to grow.

Several people have liked our Facebook page and a few have provided links on their websites, and we appreciate the support.  We hope to continue bringing the Teaching Underground to the world for the indefinite future, so we're going to use this post as our annual fund drive.  Of course we're not making money, and the site doesn't cost us anything but time.  But to celebrate our birthday with us, spread the word about the Teaching Underground.  We've tried to keep from being too self-promoting, but if you enjoy the site, join our followers on Google or Facebook or subscribe using the RSS feed or e-mail.  Share our posts or site on Twitter, StumbleUpon, or your favorite social media site.  After all, we'd probably grow bored and stop if we didn't have readers like you to support us.

Finally, a big thank you to all of our readers.  We appreciate all of your comments.  Year one of the Teaching Underground has been a wonderful experience for us, and I look forward to all that the next year will bring.

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