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Teaching Underground

After teaching together for over a decade and sharing our stories and insights with each other across the hall and at the lunch table, we've decided to open a window to our little part of the world.  We could never provide comprehensive insight into the American public education system, but we can provide insight into some of the teachers, students, parents, and citizens who make our system what it is today, for better or for worse.

We hope that by sharing from our experiences that others may find ways to relate.  Maybe in some way, our "lunch table" just got bigger, and instead of three or four people sitting in the basement helping each other navigate the complex interactions between adults and children we've taken a step toward a community that moves forward together in conversation and action to make a difference for the better.

We aren't as concerned with "Waiting on Superman" as we are with becoming super men and women leading a generation to become super themselves.

Disclaimer:  The authors would like to make it clear that the views and opnions posted to this blog are entirely our own.  We do not represent our school system or any other organization with which we are affiliated.  Comments to this blog are monitored, but we cannot assume responsibility for points of view represented by these comments.  Any offensive or rude comments, any comments that directly attack a group or individual, or other comments deemed inappropriate by the authors may be removed at our discretion.