Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays

Greetings to our loyal reader(s)- probably no "s" needed there but oh well.  We hope that this post finds you on good terms with work, family and spending a bit of own time re-charging your batteries and not just spending money on gifts no one needs or wants.  Holidays mean many things to different people and nothing says Christmas like 70+ degrees weather in December and a post fro the Teaching Underground.  Right?.  Time to bond with family, to catch up with friends, taking time to be thankful for all we have and the torturous family visits all ring true of the season.  But through it all we hope you and yours have an you are wonderful Christmas, New Years and enjoy a safe and happy holidays. What better way to celebrate then to pay homage to a previous post and reflect on some of the things that define 21st Century Public Education.  This comes from the "Educational Jargon Generator"

We will innovate efficient curiosity through the collaborative process by enabling technology-enhanced competencies through the use of centers.  Schools must  seize cross-curricular efficacies in data-driven schools.  By continuing to deploy strategic presentations for our 21st Century learners education will modernize school-to-work niches across cognitive and affective domains.  Authentic Performance-Driven Assessments fosters enduring understandings within a balanced literacy program and coupled with integrated pedagogy within professional learning communities our next generation approach will raise the bar in our globally reflective paradigm shift.

Merry Christmas Ralphie Parker, Miss Shields,Flick, Scut Farkas and to everyone!

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