Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where is the TU?

Yeah...we're busy.  Some might say too busy.  Too bad no one seems very concerned about that fact.
We'll probably get caught up at some point but not right now.  In the meantime here's what we should have been writing about.

UVa Honors Kopp
The Thomas Jefferson Foundation taps her for an Honor in Citizen Leadership.  Really? 

No Comment
School board members say the fact that no one showed up to comment at a recent meeting means that the community is pleased with its progress.  Or- that many who would comment and have are too busy or tired not being heard.

Dumler Won't go
It is really hard to impart lessons about character, responsibility and citizenship with this backdrop.  TU and pretty much everyone agrees...he's a bum.

Most "-ation"s are bad.  Time will tell.  The sky has not fallen.   I do expect that our school's meager lunch will now be even more expensive

Light at the End
The SB announced the last day of school as June 12th.  For the first time in years, we are not sure we will make it.

In the perfect example of mismanagement the UVa Saga continues.  Clearly the Governor should have read our posts.  This could have all been avoided.  If you want to learn how to weaken higher level public education, start taking notes.

UVA Lost in the ACC Tournament again. We haven;t won since the one and only win in 1976.  We haven't even placed on Saturday since 1995.  Yikes. 

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