Monday, December 17, 2012


I dropped my daughter off at Kindergarten like any normal day.  But little felt normal about today.   The only visible sign of why it was not normal was the low hanging pair of flags that hung motionless in the morning fog.  It reminds us that it can be a scary world.  At times it makes no sense.

At our school, one affected in a way by violence within our community already this year,  the day began with a brief meeting where we just focused on ways to support each other and help our students.  Friday, every school, every family and every American was affected.  At lunch today the conversation in the basement was more muted than normal. We're all struggling to make sense of the events that unfolded in Newtown, Connecticut and those that haunt us even before that.  We grasp at some meaning and understanding in the senseless violence and the inconceivable murder of 20 young children and those caring for them.  But there is no sense in it. 

Our dialogue was absent the normal levity and bounced from the 2nd Amendment, support for mental health, our experiences with violence to religion.   We all have young children.  We wonder why did this happen?  Can and should anything be done? How can we ensure it does not happen anywhere ever again?

The bell signaled our return to class but we felt no better and far from normal.  Our search only brought more questions.   Its been tough and the days ahead will be no different.  Moving forward does not mean forgetting.  We must all therefore do our part to make sure the good in the world overpowers the bad.   As we do we ask that God's grace helps comfort and heal those who need it most.

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