Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We can spank kids in school? Really?

I felt really dumb after reading this headline the other day:

"School Violates Policy When Girl Spanked By Male Administrator"

I felt dumb because I should have known that even today, some schools allow administrators to spank children.  I had no idea that this could still happen.  The school in question violated the policy because "opposite gender" spankings are not allowed-- they're perfectly o.k. of it's done by someone of the same sex.

Apparently corporal punishment is not only o.k. in the Springtown school district of Texas, but also in nineteen other U.S. states.  Really, adults who aren't the parent of a child can spank them in nineteen of fifty United States.  Parents in their home present a whole different issue, but anyone who thinks corporal punishment in a school is still a good idea should certainly find a different line of work.  They are an embarassment to the profession and a threat to our children.

In the video above, a tenth grade high school student chose a spanking over in-school suspension because she didn't want to miss more class.  She'd been accused of cheating.  A male principal administered the spanking which according to the girls mother was excessive and in violation the the school policy calling for same sex spanking only.  The family claims to have pictures that would prove their assertion that the spanking was excessive.

It disturbs me that well respected and powerful adults could support this.  I can hear the comment now, "that's what's wrong with this country now, these kids ain't got no discipline in their lives."  Maybe that's true, but can that lack of discipline be replaced with the blunt side of a principal's paddle?  It's nothing more than an excuse for abuse.

District Superintendent Mike Kelly wants to change the policy.  He's leading the school board to fix this problem by, WHAT?, he wants to get rid of the restriction that forbids males from spanking females and vice versa.  Apparently, the gender distribution of male and female administrators makes it too hard to abide by this policy. (Apparently he succeeded)  This man is a district superintendent.  He's got power and influence and he's using it for this?

Someone please tell me this is a joke.  Otherwise, I might start to think that conventional wisdom is right, maybe it is time to destroy this system of public education and start all over again.


  1. This whole thing really bothers me with the big gender debate. One, it's not okay for any school faculty to spank a child. I don't care who they are. Two, it never was same-sex in the first place. My kids were in this district for less than one school year and we had issues with a female asst principal spanking girls and boys. Apparently they moved her to the middle school from the high school from student complaints on her. She wasn't investigated, reprimanded in any way. Just moved. Now we have an elementary teacher using meth before classes? Mike Kelley, superintendent/high school principal is the most vile thing on this planet. He's corrupt and will protect his and the school's image at all costs, including threatening students and lying to cover up the horrible things that go on in that district.

  2. If this case was about a muslim person who spank a girl in Afghanestan, every American politician were making comments like, muslim are idiot or wild ,... but in this case they all shut their mouth and didn't say anything. Spanking and beating a women is wrong. Doesn't matter it happens in Iraq or Afghanestan or USA! They should take sapnking out of their system . No one allow to beat a women, not religous muslim or American principle.

  3. I notified Superintendent Mike Kelley of the Springtown ISD that the districts diagnostician stated that my twin three year old boys could not qualify for the special education program with SISD because she claimed that in order to be diagnosed with a qualifying brain injury the child has to have been hit over the head with a "physical" item. My little boys were born wit their brain injuries from lack of oxygen at birth and thus Mrs. Westingdorf, the Springtown diagnostician, informed me that they would not meet the states requirements. I called Mr. Mike Kelley to inform him of this and he said he would look into it and get back with me. He never contacted me so I called him back a few months later and he was very rude and told me he backed up the diagnosticians definition of a brain injury. He is the superintendent of the school district and he doesn't even care if two three year olds are receive their education. I think this speaks volumes. How many other special needs children have they turned away based on a literal definition? Is this a way for them to save money so Mr. Kelley can drive a nicer car and live in a bigger house while children with special needs are swept under the carpet?