Saturday, December 31, 2011

Teaching Underground on Twitter

For the last year and two months, the Teaching Underground has provided commentary on numerous education issues from the point of view of "two guys teaching in a basement."  That is, just two average suburban teachers.  We aren't all-stars, but we're pretty confident that we do a pretty good job of teaching our students.  We've come to realize that most all of the "local" problems we encounter in our job really aren't local after all.  Certainly each local school district faces a unique set of problems and challenges, and thankfully, each of them have their own special strengths and characteristics that set them apart.  But, from technology to pedagogy to policy all of these local issues are a piece of the larger puzzle that we often miss in the classroom.

We certainly do not claim to be "the voice" of teachers, but we hope that our work at the Underground helps to educate fellow teachers, parents, and the general public on how decisions by local school boards, state legislatures, and the federal government impact the day-to-day life of the classroom.

In an effort to extend the reach of our blog, we've recently entered the world of Twitter.  We're new to the platform, so feel free to offer any suggestions.  Our twitter i.d. is TchUnderground.  Now you can subscribe to the blog by email, follow on blogger, like us on Facebook, or follow on Twitter. (each option is available on the sidebar)

If you're new to the blog, thanks for stopping by.  If you're a regular, thanks for your support.  In either case, we appreciate followers (it's nice to know that people are reading) and a few kind comments go a long way toward making us feel better about what we do.

Happy New Year to all from the Teaching Underground.

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